10 lipstick packaging with an elegant design according to the aesthetic standards of cosmetic world. An interesting collection that shows you the importance of a box in order to present your product and make it successful.

Cosmetic sector includes all products utilised to “take care, increase or protect the beauty of the body” and is strictly connected to the concept of beauty. That’s why aesthetic packaging, in cosmetic industry, plays an important role in marketing and branding strategies. A miracle skin cream or makeup products that guarantee amazing results: would they have a possibility of success if presented in anonymous or sloppy boxes? Surely not, indeed, it could happen to give an opposite impression from the common beauty.

In this article we focus on lipstick packaging. Symbol, par excellence, of beauty, available in thousands chromatic varieties, with different irresistible effects, this item was for a long time its own promoter and caught customers attention only by its primary packaging. Over time, lipsticks producers increased and with them best known brands, unique and inimitable shades creators, studied a strategy to beat competitors. Since neither the form (equal for all lipsticks) nor the colour could ensure the uniqueness of the own product, lipstick packaging conquered the power.

Boxes with a minimal design, simple parallelepiped or shaped and tailored packages, basic and elegant graphics or colorful and hypnotic images, red and full lips or leaking paint: the graphic and structural style of the packaging is never let up to chance. The impression that a lipstick box wants to give you will be exactly the one it was created for and it will promise you what it wants to, anyway you have to discover by yourself its effect!


We propose you 10 design varieties of lipstick boxes to give you a brief overview of the market supply size. Discover the trade secrets and realise on Packly your personalised boxes to build customer loyalty.