Custom sleeve boxes, the perfect solution that gives identity to your products. In this post we will describe the numerous benefits of the sleeve, that is often considered a resolutive accessory in the design process of many packaging types. Let’s find them out!

The cosmetic packaging set suggested is composed of different neutral boxes, each one characterized by a sleeve, customized according to the content. The sleeve has a simple and effective graphic design: on the front side of the package there is only the essential information, such as the logo and the item type, whereas on the back side there are all the product specifications (ingredients, etc…). The use of a single graphical element in various colours according to the type of article makes the different product lines easily recognizable, although the boxes themselves are free of any characterization.

That is one of the greatest potentialities of the sleeve: it allows you to order only a type of box for different items in large quantities that you can personalise case by case. The advantage is obvious both for a same line of products and for the launch of offers and/or seasonal promotions. In fact, custom sleeve boxes allow more graphics flexibility: it will be enough to change only the graphic design of the sleeve without having to redesign the whole packaging and consequently re-packing the products.

Custom sleeve boxes are a widely used solution in all industries and for every need: the only limit is your fantasy.

Let your imagination run and customize your packaging: with Packly you can! Try it now and tell us your opinion leaving a comment on this post.

Technical details of the packaging:

Packaging type: Sleeve

Dimensions: A:80  B:80  H:60 
A:110  B:60  H:35 
A:180  B:60  H:80 

Printing method: Digital print, four-color process


custom sleeves

custom sleeve box

box with customizable sleeve

sleeve boxes

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custom Packly sleeve

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