Our daily inspirational idea is a nail polish boxes set with an original and eye-catching design shipped and shown by a display box with a coordinated visual image. Cosmetics packaging designed to lead the consumer to purchase and increase the sales.

Nail polishes are commonly purchased without the box: the bottle itself protects and promotes the product. The nail polish jars are exposed to the customers into dedicated displays that ensure a high visibility to the product and its different colors, which are the main factor of choice. Whereas nail polishes in different colors’ sets are purchased in dedicated packaging.

As we can see, the nail polish is purchased alone without a package and that’s the starting point of the design ideas of the nail polish boxes suggested. Custom packagings for products, that are usually sold without them, are a great opportunity to better communicate their message to customers and contribute to a more recognizable brand identity, differentiating them from competitors. In fact, it is already known that the boxes are a very powerful marketing tool, silent salesmen playing a key role in the decisional process of potential customers.

Beauty nail polish boxes are snap lock boxes with a nail-shaped carving that shows part of the bottle and thus its color. Two holders clamp the bottle to avoid its movements.
The white background allows putting in evidence all the shades of tint.

The display box has a double function: store and protect the product and exhibit it in the shop. The graphic design is coordinated with the packaging’s style to uniform and characterize the entire range of products within the store: beauty doesn’t go unnoticed!

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Technical details of the packaging:

Packaging type: Snap lock base box
Dimensions (mm): A: 40  B: 40  H: 80
Printing method: Digital print, four-color process

Packaging type: Display box with snap lock base
Dimensions (mm): A: 125  B: 168  H: 82
Printing method: Digital print, four-color process


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