A custom shadow box frame starting from a double wall tray: a clever suggestion for our brandnew collection “Beyond the packaging”. Lots of new ideas for a creative use of packaging (and not only), Packly: no limits to the imagination.

As you know, many parents are commonly used to store their children’s first objects: from shoes to bibs, socks or dummies, no matter what. From this habit came the project idea: a newborn custom shadow box frame to storage and proudly show these family heirlooms to anyone who comes to visit you.

With a dash of inventiveness, a double wall tray – typically used as a simple container for foods, cosmetics or high-tech items – turned out to be the perfect solution to solve our problem. The pastel-colored graphics with typical childhood symbols perfectly fits with the objects placed on the frame box bottom. They also stand out thanks to the white background, given by the cardboard color. The reinforced structure of the double wall tray ensures the strength of the support and facilitates its customization. The shadow box becomes a perfect furnishing accessory for any home wall: you can personalise it with colors and patterns you like and that are most suitable for your home. Try it once, and you can never go back.

Cheap, customizable and sustainable: the double wall tray meets both customers and parents expectations and  moreover they can choose the graphics and the sizes they prefer. The uniqueness of Packly service comes to your home: once the boxes contained things, now they keep your memories.

What are you waiting for? Create your custom shadow box frame.

Technical details of the packaging:

Packaging type: Double wall tray
Dimensions (mm): A: 380 B: 275 H: 45
Printing method: Digital print, four-color process


double wall tray for shadow box

shadow box frameshadow box

custom shadow box

use of baby shadow box

shadow box frame die-cut