Paperboard desk organizer, a Packly DIY suggestion: one box, many opportunities.

Packly allows you to print your custom packaging in a fast and easy way and that’s not all. In fact, you can also create a die-cut template with custom sizes and personalised artwork starting from the box that you prefer and then use it for your DIY creations. At the moment, the packaging die-cut template is free: you have at your disposal a highly professional dies generator to give shape to your immagination. This service allowed us to realise our daily project, a desk organizer totally personalised. The box organizer is made by two of the box types available on Packly: standard tray and open end box. The tray is the base of our storage box and 5 open end boxes will be inserted in it. You can customize each component with your own graphics: you won’t do without this desktop accessory anymore. First of all, you have to create each box of the desk organizer simply entering the dimension and the substrate, then you only have to download the die-cut template PDF files, create the artworks and save the printing files. After doing that you should cut and fold the box along the die-cut guidelines (blue lines for the cut, red lines for the crease). Once you cut and folded the boxes you can assemble the paperboard desk organizer.

You can find below a short guide that shows you how to realise the project and some pictures of the finished product.


  • Choose ‘tray’ box type and ‘standard’ box style and insert the sizes and the substrate required
  • Download the die-cut template automatically generated by our application
  • Open the PDF file in a graphic design software and create your custom artwork in a new layer
  • Save the printing file
  • Print, cut and crease the tray following the die-cut paths
  • Generate the open end box die-cut templates and repeat the previous steps
  • Glue and assemble the boxes
  • Your desk organizer is ready to use

Try now to realise your box organizer and tell us what do you think about it!

diy box organizer diecut template

diy glued boxes

desk organizer

custom boxes desk organizer

custom box organizer

printed paperboard desk organizer

box organizer

desk organizer diecut template