In the past years take-away packaging became very popular and, in most cases, it turned from a simple container into a cult object. Starbucks is a powerful example: it was able to bring its brand worldwide thanks to the famous coffee cup! In this fast-paced world where people are constantly busier and always in a hurry eating out became a common practice: take-out foods are easy to eat while going to work or during small breaks.

Nowadays, fast foods and take-away restaurants are almost everywhere within urban areas. Since the beginning, this business model required new packaging solutions to carry out meals that had to look good and be functional at the same time. The spread of takeaways also changed people’s eating habits and increased the competition, that’s the reason why the communicative power of take-away packaging is now playing a strategic marketing role that must be fully exploited.

First of all, take-away boxes have to guarantee and preserve food freshness and must be easy to transport. A proper structural design and accurate ergonomic and functional studies are essential to create user-friendly take-away packs. The new frontiers of packaging design for take-out products gave life to innovative package solutions like multi-use take-away boxes used to contain, carry and consume the meals.

These packs have also an important commercial and communicative function: they are a powerful marketing tool. Their range of action starts from the point of sale and continues during the customer journey. What does it mean? Free advertising! If your custom packaging are properly designed they could amuse and attract new potential customers along the road. Take-away containers are an efficient and reliable publicity tool with true spokesperson: the customers!

Packaging design, customization and the definition of a clear and efficient company message are unavoidable aspects to create both useful and nice boxes and a strong and competitive corporate identity, that guarantee the success of your brand.

In this post we suggest 20 innovative and functional take-away packaging with an unique and original design: brilliant examples to increase your creativity, not only your appetite!