To someone coffee break is a pleasure, to others is something you can’t give up. Over the time, drinking a coffee became a very daily ritual, a widespread social practise able to create a pleasant and informal atmosphere. That’s why you can’t miss at home small cups and mugs, especially if you are Italian!

As you already know, they are fragile objects that need packages accurately designed to keep the product completely safe. That’s the reason why coffee cup boxes are usually very similar: in this industry, functionality and convenience are the first reasons why a certain packaging will be chosen, therefore many standard solutions available on market already suit these needs.

The design of a coffee cup box is mostly influenced by its purposes: is it aimed to both carry and show the product, or will the small cups be provided with a primary packaging and a secondary one? In the first case, choosing the material is the first step you need to consider: a not very firm material or not able to soften a physical impact may expose the entire product to a risk. In both cases, the structure of packaging is fundamental: almost all the coffee cup boxes are characterised by internal holders, dividers or carvings designed to keep the product well fixed and avoid to be damaged while shaking it.

Packaging most being used, that usually consist of small cups set together with coffee spoons and saucers, are: rollover hinged lid boxes or lid and bottom boxes provided with internal protective housings which separate any cups; or shaping sleeves that will perfectly stick to the product in order to fasten it and show off some parts.

cups set packagingsleeve packaging for coffee cups


Single or double cup boxes follow the same concepts of functionality and convenience, but with some more aesthetic aims: a single small cup and even more the double ones are usually bought as gift. In these cases, how a box appears is very important: if you have to design this kind of packaging you can decide to realise completely new models, or you can customize standard box types in an original way thanks to small tricks, both graphical and structural. Adding windows and special cuts in a creative way together with images, symbols and texts can make the difference!

mugs set boxes

coffee cup gift box


Using the shape of the product by including it inside the package can give an added value to the item, both from a functional and aesthetic point of view: a packaging you can bring along thanks to its handle (of the cup!) or display boxes to showcase on shelves or counters are just few solutions to keep in mind.

Have a look at our inspirations to find out more and start creating your custom coffee cup boxes with Packly!