Lace-up shoes appear everywhere at home: their essential feature? Laces, of course! Tightly fastened on shoes or free to flutter while walking, laces are under our eyes every day. Mostly sold together with shoes, usually in many varieties, they may be purchased separately as well, as a spare accessory. That’s the reason why laces need custom packets like the 15 shoelaces packaging we propose you in this post that will surely draw your attention thanks to their originality.

This very common and widespread item is available in thousands of different styles based on shape, material, length, color, and finishing. A wide product choice obviously turns into a large shoelaces packaging choice. The main packing solutions are typically very essential: from simple sleeves tightly fastened on a product and paperboard bags with small windows, to hanging boxes provided with properly shaped openings, exhibited on special displays. The most usual feature? Allow the product to be visible outside in order to easily lead consumers to the final choice. Hanging packaging is the most used because they simplify the buying process: easy to find, pick up and buy…perfect for a ready-to-use product like the laces.

If you are reading a packaging blog you are certainly looking for creative and sophisticated solutions that are able to win consumers over at a glance, right? And now you can enjoy the shoelaces packaging collection we found online. Even if they are simple sleeves or classic hanging boxes, or animal shaped packages and plastic tubes, all the solutions enhance the product by giving more value on its features. In some cases, packaging can make the difference: shoelaces become part of boxes turning into small tasty worms or comfortable bag handles; sometimes, graphic design will take control instead: charming colors palette or geometric patterns, that are inspired to the creative and bright textures of laces, become the special and characteristic elements of both the product and the entire brand.

However, the packaging design projects will always aim to create an emotive connection with observers making them choose your product and not others.

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