Today Packly team wishes you happy holidays with an Easter packaging collection you can’t miss.

During special celebrations, promotions or big events, boxes will dress up by making the shelves and every kind of shops full. Here and there, holiday is in the air and in order to impress the observers all the companies challenge each other through packaging and graphic design battles. Innovative shapes, pleasing colours, sensational images and texts: any visual feature becomes a useful weapon of persuasion to catch consumers and achieve success.

This battle, then, will overwhelm people with joy, giving everyone, both creatives and not, a wide range of inspirations and creative ideas. During these times, walking or surfing the web may turn into highly compelling experiences to get inspired by without thinking. But be careful! Inside the mess of packaging, graphic designs and various set-ups you may often run across projects that are not that interesting as well: anyway, you can surely learn more about from.

Regarding this post today, I chose for you some of the most interesting Easter packaging projects found on the web. Almost all of them reintroduce the typical icons of this festivity, in many shapes and variations. This stylistic choice comes from the desire to immediately create a connection between the packages and Easter.

Doves, bunnies and eggs shown in every ways…both graphic and structural! Well, I’ve said enough: images speak for themselves, without a big preamble required. Get started with your Easter holidays, take a look at this photo gallery and get inspired.

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If you have more proposals, drop us a line and share them with us. You just need to comment on this blog post and we’ll glad to enter your suggestions 🙂