In the previous post on custom packaging, we explained some of the reasons why making custom boxes to promote a service, an activity or a product, could be a viable solution to achieve success.

However, in case you’re still not sure, or if you own a startup and packaging doesn’t look like a worthy investment, take a look at these 7 posts. Discover the power of custom packaging and you’ll not be able to do without!

How to strengthen your brand through packaging

The box as an emotional amplification for marketing messages.

Packaging: how to communicate effectively with consumers

A series of rules to effectively comunicate with your consumers.

Designing a packaging that communicates the brand

Precious advice to create custom boxes that reflect your brand’s identity.

The impact of packaging in online sales

How to design useful and effective packaging for e-commerce.

Packaging: a powerful ally for start-ups

The first impression is the most important: put your best foot forward with professional-quality packaging.

Packaging and advertising: the box as a promotional tool

10 self-promotional packaging design ideas to stand out from the competition.

Packaging and branding: 10 successful examples

Reinforce your corporate identity and start achieving immediate success.

We hope you will draw lots of inspiration from the articles above and maybe even consider printing your own custom packaging with us – Packly!