Are you seeking Summer’s resolution ideas? Packly team suggests creating a beautiful collection of succulent plants, among the easiest vegetables to grow at home. Whether you are fond of gardening or not, you might be able to achieve it.

Collectible cactus packagings

For our daily design ideas, we chose a collectible cactus packagings series, a useful starting point to create your green collection!

Maria Carreño and Tamara Segura designed these cactus packagings for the Master in Packaging Design of the ELISAVA School of Design and Engineering. The name of the student project is “Colecti Cacti”. It is based on a simple and sustainable idea. The designers wanted to create cardboard cactus packagings that ideally replace the common plastic pots used to sold plants in flower shops.

“Colecti Cacti” is composed of a series of packagings available in 12 different colors. This chromatic range allows the buyers to create their own color combinations.
packaging cactus design

Form and function

The package shape is similar to a truncated cone and makes the products modular. Indeed, the packagings might be placed upside down in order to create a new module that fits perfectly next to the other.


Each pack is provided with a rope handle fixed into specific holes. An easy-to-carry system that avoids damage to the plant or to the buyer transporting the product. The handle also facilitates the transport of multiple cacti.

Two of the packaging sides indicates the days on which each side should be exposed to a source of light. Indeed, cactus lovers know that this type of plant needs to receive the sunlight on all sides to grow harmoniously. A minimalist graphic design that is very effective.

cacti custom packaging design

“Colecti Cacti” has not been commercialized. If you want to create a similar packaging solution for your plants have a look at Packly. You only have to select the open end box, enter your custom sizes and your graphic design. You can also add the cutouts for the handle on the dieline. Purchase your custom boxes and create your cactus packagings collection.