Candle holders, personalised scented candles and home perfumers are a timeless gift. Packly has the right boxes and packaging solution for every need.

A great classic of gifts for Christmas and for all seasons is represented by candle holders, personalised scented candles and home perfumers. As a matter of fact these presents are universal, elegant and evergreen, because they can be used in the most diverse environments or even recycled for different people. Traditionally Christmas is indeed an opportunity for reuse, always with a view to good taste and to the preferences of the recipient.

In recent years, the tendency to rely on healing but also relaxing aromas and fragrances has grown enormously. There are many traditional herbalists and e-shops that sell candle holders, personalised scented candles and home perfumers not only based on favorite aromas, but also on the beneficial properties of the various flavors.

Given the importance of these items in the homes of so many consumers, we, at Packly, decided to invite you to a review of the best packaging ideas for candle holders, incense and scented personalised candles.

Let’s start with a complete, all-in-one solution. Look at this fine gable top box with a handle. The background color is uniform with minimal and refined Christmas-themed graphics. This type of packaging, however, can be used in many other occasions by slightly modifying the pattern in the background and taking advantage of the customised message attached to the box. The latter is also superimposed on a darker colored band at the center of the package and repeated on the bottle contained inside. As you can see, all the needful for the perfect home perfumer can be encompassed in one convenient and elegant packaging solution.

 Gable top box  for scented sticks and diffuser
Gable top box for scented sticks and diffuser

If you prefer to simply gift the perfumed sticks without diffuser, we recommend this windowed pull out box. The graphic approach is essential but extremely colorful, based on the main component of the essence. The same tone is then used for the tray. A fine detail is the fabric hook placed on top of the box, which simplifies its display or positioning. Quite frankly we believe that the window would not be strictly necessary, however it can be useful – especially in a small shop – for self-serving buyers. 

Windowed pull out box for perfumed sticks
Windowed pull out box for perfumed sticks

Another solution for the incense sticks is represented by a cardboard bottom and lid box. The cover can be graphically customized as needed. In this example, an explanatory sheet has also been included inside which will probably explain the main benefits of the chosen essence. The smart thing, from our point of view, is that the packaging can be reused to contain pencils, brushes, or other everyday objects.

Bottom lid box for incense sticks
Bottom lid box for incense sticks

If you are instead fans of the minimalist approach, you can opt for this sleeve adapting to any type of packaging you choose. In this case, the sleeve complements an especially designed container. On one side we find a photographic image and on the other the main indications on the composition and function of the selected incense. 

Sleeve designed for any container packaging
Sleeve designed for any container packaging

Let’s now switch to the possible packaging solutions for scented candles. in the example below, you can see a very simple auto bottom box, frequently used for cosmetics. We can see a simple background pattern reused as a solid color on the side of the case, plus the informative / explanatory text with the benefits and recommended uses for that particular fragrance. 

Tuck end box for scented candles
Auto bottom box for scented candles

The same concept applies to the tuck end box in the next example, which is characterized by the artwork, as well as the choice of material and natural colors. There is only one strongly defining tone, together with a minimalist graphic treatment, making this packaging attractive for nature and organic lovers. 

Auto bottom box for personalised candles
Tuck end box for personalised candles

Which of the listed solutions best meets your packaging needs for candle holders, personalized scented candles, incense sticks or perfumed essences? 

Create a test prototype today! The Packly team will be at your disposal even for small quantity orders, answering all your questions. The result will be conveniently shipped to your preferred address. You just need to provide the specifications and the customized artwork, Packly will take care of the rest!