In our daily case history, we meet Patrizia Bruno, co-founder of 1829 SPILLI, who tells us about his experience with our service.

Hi Patrizia, tell us more about yourself: what do you do and what does your company do?

Hi!I am Patrizia Bruno owner of 1829 Spilli together with Mr. Remo Rondinella, a small company that designs and creates a collection of tailoring accessories. Our strength lies in the uniqueness and quality of a handcrafted product, entirely realized in our laboratory located in the historic center of Isernia.

Why did you decide to use our service?

We needed to realise a packaging worthy of our product since we believe that the presentation of each article is of fundamental importance: an emotional factor that plays a decisive role in sales. Thus, after an initial web search, I came across your website, a clear and simple platform that allows designing a tailored packaging with your custom graphics and – above all – with no minimum order: a convenient service for young brands like ours. Continuing to browse the site we also noticed – with great pleasure – that you are also from Molise!

What is the importance of the packaging in your company marketing strategy?

As already told, the packaging is very important for our brand. The box has several functions: primarily it serves to protect our tailoring accessories from bumps, scratches, etc…, secondly it allows us to highlight the brand, and last but not least, gives added value to the product. Qualitative factors that don’t go unnoticed to our customers.

Did you experience a real benefit in using Packly?

The advantage of using your service is absolutely real. That’s the reason why we cannot give up our Packly packaging. Professionalism, efficiency, high quality and fair prices all in a single service!

1829 spilli custom lid and tray boxes

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