For the second year in a row Packly had the pleasure to collaborate with Ebay group to create the gift boxes for some of their partners.

The gift set is composed of two different packaging types: a tuck end box and a rollover hinged lid box. The external box protects the product and contains all the required shipping information: stamp, recipient’s name and address. Whilst the rollover hinged lid box is the real gift box. custom packaging

What about the content? Two gourmet products made in Molise. The items have different shape and sizes and for this reason they have been placed into a special insert to hold them and avoid their damage., what is it and what does it deals with? is an online portal for the sale of vehicles belonging to different categories: cars, motorcycles, campers and commercial vehicles. Sale listings could be published both by private users and car dealers.

What is the importance of the packaging in marketing strategy?

Being a portal dedicated to the sale of vehicles, the packaging is mainly used for promotional purposes. A powerful marketing tool able to directly connect the online company with its end users and partners gaining their loyalty. A way to bring company into customers home and point of sales, making the brand familiar and tangible.

Why did Ebay group decide to choose Packly to create gift boxes?

The first collaboration between and Packly was a great success. The enthusiasm and satisfaction of the first project convinced the Ebay group to choose Packly again for the creation of its gift boxes. Speed, simplicity, quality and convenience are just some of the advantages that project managers found in Packly. Real-time technical support has also improved their shopping experience. The project staff completed the job in a quick and easy way, without any hitch, thanks to Packly.