Thin rectangular bars in smaller units to easily break them: this is the typical shape of chocolate bars. As typical as the one of chocolate packaging: simple tuck end boxes customized with the most different graphic artworks.

Generally chocolate manufacturers prefer this box type because they can be handily assembled and the product easily packed. The tuck end boxes, in fact, may be filled and closed through very simple and cheap machineries or, in case of short runs, directly by hand.


The importance of packaging

Concerning this kind of product, packaging is a really essential element. Chocolate, in fact, is now available in thousand of variants that, to be recognised and purchased, should be introduced at their best starting just from the box.

That’s exactly why the biggest brands of this industry, and not only, are used to focus on the graphic design customization of packaging, that will be designed both to characterise and promote the product and to create a unique and successful brand image easily recognisable.

An example comes from chocolate packaging produced by Chocolate Research Facility we talked in our previous article regarding packaging and pattern. The company focused on custom boxes and on the clever use of patterns to create and consolidate their brand identity and attract customers.

It is not always necessary to completely redesign the structure and form of packaging; sometimes, in fact, you just need to best use space you have to create really original and functional graphic solutions. Adding some cuts or windows, inserted in the packaging artwork, may be an interesting solution as well.

In the article today, we chose some of the most beautiful chocolate packaging on the web, realised starting from the tuck end box.


Have a look at our gallery, find your inspiration and start creating your online custom chocolate packaging. Now, you can realise it directly on Packly!