Christmas Eve boxes for chocolates, panettone or custom boxes for Christmas gifts. Make no mistake, choose Packly!

Summer is now a distant memory, Halloween is gone. It’s time to dig out the CDs of Mariah Carey and Michael Bublé and talk about Christmas gift boxes and custom Christmas Eve packaging for chocolates, panettone or other presents. Don’t make those Grinch faces. After seeing Packly’s prototypes, you will immediately start decorating the tree so that you can start placing gifts and boxes under it.

Let’s start with a highly gluttonous Christmas treat: a traditional dessert with toasted almonds and honey inside a pull-out double-walled tray box with a transparent window. The packaging is minimalist with a particularly elegant background color and an essential artwork, depicting the main ingredient. The finishing touches are represented by some golden details. Perfect for a gift without the need for special wrapping, it catches the eye thanks to the visibility of the interior. You get refinement, effectiveness and tradition, all in one box.

Double-walled tray box for Christmas cake
Pull out Double-walled tray box for Christmas cake

Let’s continue with a classic limited-series rollover hinged lid box, holding Christmas-themed chocolates. Just modulate colors and illustrations by opting for festive shapes and tones, insert some bon bons in the shape of fir and that’s it. We may already hear jingle bells in the background… the more inspired could eat one chocolate a day up to the Nativity, as in an advent calendar. In our experience, however, the delights end sooner. Success is guaranteed.

Christmas chocolate box
Christmas chocolate box

For those who aren’t into Forrest Gump and don’t want to experience the uncertainty around which chocolate you get, Cardbury has your back. It launched delicious chocolate-stuffed pralines, all of them alike, in lovely packaging. It is basically a cardboard cube that does not need ribbons or sequins. The festive imprint is given by the golden character and the snowflake pattern on the institutional purple background. There is even a smart field for sender and recipient to be filled in appropriately and the packaging is served, saving on wrapping paper but achieving an impactful result.

Chocolate pralin box - Christmas edition
Chocolate praline box – Christmas edition

Italian Christmas is marked by a plurality of regional specialties. They go from the Panforte from Siena, to the Parrozzo from Abruzzo, to the Panpepato in Umbria and Lazio,as well as the traditional Panettone and Pandoro. It therefore takes a box suitable for different needs, adapting to the most varied shapes. Easily done with Packly. For example we have this box with a cardboard lid in a very delicate winter graphic (Christmas is represented just by holly that can also be omitted) . It can be a gift but also something that can make a beautiful show of itself in the window of a bakery or a pastry shop. Simple but chic and inspiring, don’t you think?

Chirstmas cake cardboard lid box
Chirstmas cake cardboard box with lid

On top of the above, you might want to add a small and fine detail that embellishes the box and increases its portability. It is not uncommon to see Christmas packages or custom boxes with a satin ribbon on top to grab and transport them easily, so that even the paper or plastic bag is superfluous. Here is a pack of tantalizing chocolate-covered orange zest, for example. With a classic red and gold artwork with decorated Xmas balls, this dessert is ideal for a festive gaming night among relatives or a dinner with friends, if you want to stay light avoiding voluminous or pasty desserts.

Christmas dessert box with ribbon handle
Christmas dessert box with ribbon handle

But the delicious scents and flavors of the Christmas tradition do not have to be swallowed, they can also simply delight the smell and taste in the form of make-up. An excellent example are these glowing lip glosses. Who wouldn’t wear a gloss that tastes and smells like eggnog, sugar or marzipan? The graphics of the box features both the socks hanging on the fireplace and the sweets whose essence enriches the cosmetics. The transparent window lets glimpses of the bright colors and trendy shades stand out, for festive looking lips. Kisses under the mistletoe guaranteed for everyone!

Lip-gloss box in a Christmas-themed limited series
Lip-gloss box in a Christmas-themed limited series

Are you ready to design Christmas gift boxes for chocolates, panettone or Christmas Eve packaging that would outperform even Santa? Just think ahead by creating even a single prototype. After a small-scale test, you can raise the bar with a Christmas-themed limited series that will entice domestic and foreign customers.  You can take Packly’s word for it.