Electronic cigarettes, a product as much loved as discussed, are now everywhere, like the vape shops specialised in the selling of this item. Due to the high diffusion of it, all suppliers and retailers, to distinguish themselves from competitors, decided to invest in electronic cigarette and e-liquid custom packaging production able to give more value to the brand and increase the sellings.

Custom packagings are, in fact, an added value both for the product and the brand itself, especially in a specific industry where different players are selling the same items.

Liquids and such vaporisers (even the same), standard small bottles, that may be distinguished only through labels more or less visible: what else? Some creativity and the right box!

For retailers, in fact, creating a great brand image is an essential requirement to increase customer loyalty and ensure that their product will be chosen by the target audience. At the same time, suppliers should be ready to satisfy the growing demand for electronic cigarette and e-liquid custom packaging coming from the clients.


Electronic cigarette and e-liquid custom packaging

Our daily proposal is a box for standard liquids and flavors designed starting from the reverse tuck end box available on Packly. This kind of packaging is, in fact, the right choice to contain small liquid bottles due to their dimensions and their low weight.

The graphic design originates from the desire to give to the product a strong and elegant image, that makes its mark. A blue background with sinuous puffs of smokes above it and authoritative roman typefaces that seem to say: this is the liquid for you, with a strong and intense taste. Observer will have no choice any longer.

The lion, powerful and elegant, amplifies the message whilst the meander surrounding and decorating the bottom of the box gives a polishes touch to the whole composition.

Every box is personalised thanks to ad hoc texts: with Packly there’s no limit to customization!

Don’t wait, start creating your electronic cigarette and e-liquid custom packaging and make the difference.


Technical packaging information:

Packaging type: Reverse tuck end box
Dimensions: 30x30x80
Printing method: Four-colours process


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