Collector’s boxes. For the 10th anniversary of the album “Born this Way”, Haus Laboratories has launched a special make up box to recreate Gaga’s iconic looks

Collector’s boxes. Golden times for Lady Gaga fans. The histrionic artist debuted as early as 2019 with her own cosmetics brand. To celebrate the tenth anniversary from the release of the album “Born this way”, Haus Laboratories has launched a box with high quality products. Fans will be able to recreate the make-up shown by Lady Gaga in the performances linked to her historic album.

Lady Gaga and her Haus Labs box on social media
Lady Gaga and her Haus Labs box on social media

Collector’s boxes

This is a real beauty case containing over 15 items between eyeshadows, glosses, eye-liners, make-up pencils, etc. The total commercial value is over € 300. But above all the box set is a kind of fetish for collectors. It is in fact a limited edition in a colossal package.

The Bad Kid Vault: a collector's box
The Bad Kid Vault: a collector’s box

The so-called “Bad Kid Vault” is nothing more than a hinged-lid rollover box made of corrugated cardboard. Inside we find some cutouts to hold and protect all products at best. On the outer lid a black and white image of the diva with one of her extreme make-ups. On the internal end there is a quote from Ms Germanotta on the power of beauty and transformation. Seal it all with a multicolored unicorn, a symbol of Pride. Regarding the equally inclusive theme of sustainability, Haus Labs is 100% cruelty-free and vegan.

The gem is then a rainbow special finish inside the box. Indispensable to give preciousness, this choice is really glamorous.

Rollover hinged lid box with cutouts and special finishes
Rollover hinged lid box with cutouts and special finishes

The hype

The marketing campaign was mainly played on Instagram and social platforms. Sales will take place from September exclusively online on the manufacturer’s website and on Amazon. Bookings have skyrocketed by the hundreds of thousands in just a few days. It was the queen of pop herself who also announced an exclusive event, a colorful party to celebrate this important milestone. “When I was young, I never felt beautiful. And while I was trying to find a sense of both inner and outer beauty, I discovered the power of makeup” writes the star. “They said I was weird, but actually I was born this way” concludes the singer.

The launch of Gaga's collector's box on Instagram
The launch of Gaga’s collector’s box on Instagram


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