Our daily creative proposal is a set of custom perfume boxes realised starting from the packagings available on Packly.

Packaging, as we know, is now important in any industry, being a tool that introduces both the product inside and the related brand. A role that becomes even more strategic for categories of goods designed for beauty and healthcare: a product connected with aesthetic and personal care can do no more then introducing itself in an exemplary way to the target audience. Or else, how could it be chosen among thousands of concurrent items?

That’s why cream, perfume, lotion, makeup packaging, etc…are scrupulously designed and realised, paying close attention to any technical and aesthetic detail.

These kind of products, in addition, are being sold in several typologies, distinguished by ingredients, fragrances, textures, and so on. While designing a packaging, it is then necessary to think about all the possible graphic and structural features to develop for any related product, giving life to a brand image, completely coordinated and recognizable.

Perfume custom boxes

Perfume custom packaging we realised are an example. Two tuck end boxes and a 1-2-3 bottom box that, based on the product inside, differentiate themselves by graphic artworks, dimensions and typology. Despite differences, they clearly look like belonging to the same products line and to a unique brand.

Packaging are meant to contain small perfume bottles with different shapes and fragrances, that’s why they have been properly diversified.

Numbers, patterns and background colours are the key elements to identify the essence of product. Instead, box type and its dimensions distinguish the small bottle type and, then, quantity of the product inside.

The smallest box show another distinctive element: a picture that, even if the only one, is still completely set inside the general coordinated image, producing no doubt about whom the product belongs to.



Perfume boxes and, more in general, cosmetic packaging need to be usually realised in short print runs because, before effectively launching a specific item, it is necessary to conduct opportune market tests in order to verify the real effectiveness and validity of the product and evaluate its saleability compared to concurrent products. Creating mini-series is then an essential step.

Packly allows you to purchase the number of packaging you desire for any typology, dimension and graphic design variation, with no high investments. That’s why it may be the right solution to promote your new products and concretely check their effectiveness on target audience.


Try just now creating your custom packaging: it is easy and quick!


Technical packaging information:

Packaging type: Standard reverse tuck box
Dimensions: 50x50x130

Packaging type: Snap lock base box
Dimensions: 60x60x90

Printing method: four-colours process


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