Are you looking for a simple, fast and convenient idea to create custom Easter egg boxes? You found it: Packly’s double wall trays! Packagings that may be realized tailored for you and your products: our packs are the perfect solution for special gifts and seasonal offers.

Chocolate eggs are available in many different types. White or black chocolate, with or without additional ingredients. Cartoon or football teams eggs, Lindt or Cadbury Easter eggs. For her or for him. The massive offer may lead consumers to random purchases, unless they are looking for a specific product. In some cases, the shelf arrangement is the main factor that influences their choices.

Custom Easter egg boxes

If you want to stand out from the crowd, you can opt for handmade chocolate eggs with custom Easter egg boxes, putting aside the usual aluminum and metallic wrappers. Our design proposal is composed of: a double wall tray, an internal holder, and a ribbon. The artisanal egg (produced according to a secret recipe!) has previously been wrapped in a plastic film to preserve its integrity.

The proposed Easter egg packagings have been designed to show the product in an original and elegant way without overshadowing it. In fact, in this packaging project, the product is the main protagonist. The double wall tray allows you to easily carry and safely lay the egg without letting it roll away. The internal holder has an egg-shaped carving to contain and hold the product that, once placed inside it, will be blocked by the external ribbon. A greeting card stuck into the ribbon and… finished! Your custom Easter egg boxes are ready to be delivered.

As you can see, the egg is almost entirely visible and the Easter packaging has been used to give an extra gear to a product that already has, by itself, a high value.


Create your custom Easter box and give the right emphasis to your products for impeccable gift ideas.


Packaging technical information

Packaging type: Double wall tray
Dimensions: 170 x 110 x 40 mm
Printing method: four-colour process

Packaging type: Insert with custom cutout
Dimensions: 169 x 109 x 25 mm
Printing method: four-colour process