Are you looking for bottle packagings but you don’t know how to start? Our daily article may be a useful inspiration.

Bottles themselves are often used as final packagings for sale and don’t require, therefore, any additional package. In these cases, the effort of a project pours, almost totally, into labels, that represent the main characteristic element.

Bottle packagings

When and why should you realise custom bottle packagings? Cases may be different and not always easy to be classified, then you have to decide when and if it’s worth it. I can tell you that packaging, as well as protecting, preserving and carrying a product, helps communicate with consumers by conveying a specific message, your message. It plays for giving an added value to your product and your image.

In addition, packaging is useful to set you apart from competitors thanks to the various possibilities to customize graphic and structural features it offers. A box, in fact, gives more chances to be modified than simple labels (not only about dimensions!).

You may as well consider to create boxes to contain bottle set, perhaps as gift box or special editions. Adding a window may be a smart move to show the different products inside. Don’t you think?

Structural design

Before taking on the aesthetic challenge you have to focus on the minimum requirements that a bottle box needs. It’s about, in fact, boxes designed for containing delicate products with very critical parts that need to be necessarily kept safe. Which one? The neck, for example, and, as for bottles with particular shapes, any other delicate part that could easily break in case of impact and pressure.

From this point of view: box type, its dimensions, shape and material are fundamental choices for an effective packaging.


Then let your creativity soar to explain what you want to communicate at its best. Use images, texts, additional cuts and chromatic variations to win your audience over. Let your fantasy run free and start to create your bottle packagings with Packly!

Our tip about the packaging type? An auto bottom box, surely, with a grammage of paperboard able to sustain the weight of your bottle.


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