Do you want to give an extra touch to your graduation party? The comfit and favor boxes we propose can be very useful for you!

We from Packly strongly believe that any kind of success, whether small or big, must be enjoyed. Do you agree with us? You’re in the right place then…especially if you are going to graduate soon!


Bespoke packaging for any occasion

Being a very important life experience, not only from a cultural point of view, graduation is a great goal worth celebrating. Family and friends will be together to take part in the proclamation of their dear Doctors, ready to drink to them. Tradition wants that the recently graduates give a little gift to the guests in order to thanks them for participating: here, ad hoc comfit and favor boxes, created for the occasion, will come into play.

Our creative proposal get inspired by typical academic clothing, academicals, traditionally worn by Anglo-Saxon students during their graduation. And, in particular, by the square academic cap, the black hat with the traditional square shape.


The right packaging

To realise comfit packaging we started from a 1-2-3 bottom handle box that, with some fantasy, turned into the perfect base for the headgear. Some black on the background and all done! We needed just to customise the box front side: student name, date of proclamation and qualification. All surrounded by a red line, the must-have colour of graduation, and the classic symbol of justice on the top of the box.

A small black paperboard square with a hole at the centre ends the artwork: enter the handle of the box inside the cut and the great square academic cap is ready.

Maybe something is still missing! The golden drawstring with a tassel is the ultimate detail: it closes the box and refines our cap.


And now we are ready to celebrate! Create now your custom comfit and favor boxes with Packly and amaze your guests 🙂


Technical packaging information:

Packaging type: Handle box
Dimensions: 90x90x55
Printing method: 4 colours process (CMYK)


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