Customized displays are practical, cost-effective, and indispensable for increasing sales in retail stores. Find out why and create a prototype on Packly right away.

If your sales channel is the store, choosing customized displays makes buying more immediate. Studies show that over 87% of consumers make impulse purchases. Furthermore, between 40 and 80% of all products sell more when they have visibility at the checkout.

Exhibitors must be the cornerstone of the marketing strategy to increase the sell-out in small markets. From size to placement, there are many reasons why custom displays are the winning choice.

1. Familiarize them with the brand

Personalizing the display with the brand logo and graphics will help customers remember the brand. This process is essential, especially if visitors are passing through or in a hurry.

Installing a display that advertises identity and values ​​will allow consumers to absorb the idea of ​​the brand. It will then be easier to remember it later or buy it next time. Try to create a memorable experience with personalized cardboard displays.

Personalized displays for herb bars
Personalized displays for vegan bars

2. They are easily adaptable

The infinite versatility of customized displays makes them perfect for any product, from chewing gum to make up to energy drinks. Whether a luxury product or a children’s toy, a counter display increases the brand’s popularity.

Packly cardboard displays are adaptable to specifications, from size and shape to product layout. A custom display can enhance any item meeting specific needs and displaying the content at best.

Personalized display for toothpaste
Personalized display for toothpaste

3. They are perfect for retail stores

The personalized cardboard displays adapt perfectly to the spaces in the large-scale distribution or proximity stores. Just a dedicated corner or a junction point between the shelves, and that’s it.

Countertop dispensers for coffee pods
Countertop dispensers for coffee pods

4. They are comfortable for shoppers

The most important factor when selling in stores is convenience. Custom displays are linear and compact and require minimal space. They can be positioned strategically, for example, right next to the cash desk. Proximity to the checkout is crucial to encourage impulse purchases.

Countertop displays for protein bars
Countertop displays for protein bars

Conclusion on customized displays

In short: do you need a simple strategy to increase your sales? Packly has the solution. Create your counter displays with logos, graphics, and enhancements. They will be your trusted allies when selling high-end or entry-level products.