In the last times, we hear more and more often about unboxing experiences, especially when talking about e-commerce.

What is the unboxing experience?

The expression refers to the feelings experienced when opening a box to get a product for the first time. It is just like unwrapping a gift, you know?

When talking about e-commerce, unboxing refers to the activity of taking new products out of their packaging, especially on videos on the internet.

Indeed, e-commerce and online shopping made the unboxing experience a relevant aspect of the customer experience. Some clients have even started filming the opening of the packages.

Those videos are a kind of live review of the unboxing experience, and they also unveil the content of the box. This new habit has been spreading like wildfire, and it has turned simple customers into real testimonials.

That is the way how unboxing experiences have become a viral phenomenon. Just take a look at the search results on YouTube to get an idea of it.

Unboxing as a marketing tool

The wide diffusion and the high level of interactions reached by those videos immediately highlighted the big commercial power of the unboxing experience. That is the reason why it has gone from an online fad to a powerful marketing tool. Indeed, many companies decided to use it to increase customer loyalty and brand awareness.

Of course, turning the unboxing practice into a memorable experience required a redesign of their old packagings. Indeed, the packages extremely influence the unboxing experience, and, for this reason, they have to be carefully designed to reach their goal.

E-commerce packaging

Packagings are even more influential when talking about online sales. In that case, they are often the first direct contact between companies and consumers. For this reason, e-commerce packagings should be designed either to protect the product and to introduce the brand at its best.

Shipping boxes literally knock on customers’ door. Therefore, the design choices and production care are key elements that could really make the difference in the perception of the brand. Creating packages able to amaze your clients is the first step to win them over.


Many brands have experienced huge commercial success by designing astounding unboxing experiences. Indeed, happy customers have started
sharing spontaneously their shopping experience posting photos and videos online.

Real and unconditional word-of-mouth might strongly influence the purchase choice of relatives, friend, and followers, also increasing brand awareness and sales. And, as Philip Kotler said, the best advertising is done by satisfied customers.

Enjoy our gallery of e-commerce packagings with a brilliant unboxing experience. Choose your favorite one and share it with your friends!