In the last years neckties, bow ties and suspenders are gloriously back: a dive into the past thanks to the return of the vintage style that did certainly its bit. A classic look able to rediscover its own originality and reinvent its style starting from packaging design.

The wide range of fashion accessories available on market can explain any kind of personalities: whether it is extremely refined or completely eccentric, what matters is to choose the best model that suits your own style. Tailored accessories stand out thanks to their attention to details and always aim to bring out the strong personality from those who wear them… and their boxes has to be as good as them!

Fashion packaging able to celebrate the singularity of a product and its wearability through proper visual and structural design projects: well-shown neckties and papillon that stand out on anthropomorphic artworks, minimal lid and bottom boxes or shaped paperboards designed to stop and show various products, playing with fantasy will allow you to obtain useful and original packaging solutions.

Green light then for ties packaging that are intended to show the whole product or a part of it through specific cuts, whether they will be laid out or wrapped inside them. An example? Ties popping out just like a tongue from cylindrical boxes or lids with small butterfly shaped holes that will show the hidden bow tie. Or hanging packaging to easily show accessories in sales points or inside the wardrobe and comfortable pillow boxes, perfect for a special gift.

The main goal of a compelling fashion packaging will be always to conquer consumers, by conveying the unique features and the quality of the product inside. Special accessories as bow ties and suspenders are usually purchased by those who give particular attention to style: that’s why even their boxes have to suit the aesthetic needs of this kind of people. Tastefulness and attention to detail are then the essential requirements to create tailor accessories packages able to highlight the unicity of the product and the one who wears it: any fashion-addicted can’t stand up to their appeal anymore. As for this kind of product, the most used box types are lid and bottom boxes and pull out boxes, packaging able to show at their best the product and to keep it safe after its use.

And if we want to put together all these amazing accessories in one single kit for a very irresistible outfit? You only need to realise a neckties, papillon and suspenders packaging that will best show and preserve the products, giving more value to each strong points by thinking about how to keep them safe even after the purchase: a packaging that becomes a well-shown accessories holder on night tables or shelves.

Today we have chosen for you some fashion packaging that really inspired us: don’t miss them!