L’Oca Golosa i.e. the Greedy Goose is a happy Packly customer: the key aspects are quality and high customization of packaging.

Have you ever wondered what makes a Packly customer happy? Let’s find out in the testimonial interview with Federico, Store Manager from “L’Oca Golosa”. With their desserts designed specifically for those suffering from food intolerances, they have won high-level awards and recognitions. Let’s hear why they chose Packly as a trusted partner for the packaging of their award-winning panettone and more.

Q: How was the Greedy Goose aka Oca Golosa project born?

Our ages summed make up less than 90 years! The Oca Golosa was born from the idea of ​​3 young people under 30: Valentina, me and Francesco, all with a restaurant background. Ours is a sweet and savory pastry shop, a place where you can buy but also taste a lot of delicacies. Our laboratory is AIC and AILI certified for safe gluten-free and lactose-free production.

 Our goal is to rediscover the authentic taste of things. In our recipes we only employ fresh products. The basic ingredients are eggs, milk from Friuli Venezia Giulia, cream, butter, 100% Italian wheat flour and Tahitj vanilla. We prefer seasonal products and rely on the excellence of our small vendors.

Our commitment in satisfying the needs and requests of customers suffering from food intolerances, without ever giving up on taste and aesthetics, allowed us to win the first prize in 2016 as “Best vegan dessert”. In 2017 we took part in the semifinals of the Chococake Award competition organized by Puratos / Belcolade. The following year, our traditional Panettone was defined as one of the 30 best in Italy. In 2019 we won the bronze medal as “Best Traditional Artisan Panettone in Italy” according to the Mastro Panettone competition. Our pandoro also scored a great result: in 2020 and this year it was defined as “one of the best artisan pandoros in Italy”

Corrugated cardboard box with handle
Corrugated cardboard box with handle

Q: Where does this original name come from?

The name of our pastry shop comes from a mockery of our infancy. When I was little, my sister and I (Federico) always quarreled, so I nicknamed her “hen”. When it was time to give a name to our pastry shop, we were undecisive. Then we said to ourselves “why not brush up the old nickname?”. Except that the greedy hen didn’t sound good. There was a need for something more elegant, an animal that would also perform well from a graphic point of view. So we replaced the hen with another farmyard animal: the goose, thus creating the greedy goose.

Q: How did you become a Packly customer?

I discovered Packly through a web search. We needed to create a completely customized packaging for one of our pastries. We were desperate: all the companies in the sector were asking for crazy minimum orders for a small company like ours. When we saw Packly’s features, customization options and pricing, we couldn’t believe our eyes.

Q: Which one of Packly’s features made you a truly happy customer?

I like that for each of my products Packly has the right box! Furthermore, the ability to make each of my projects unique, choosing the most suitable material, including special finishes, makes the service truly extraordinary.

Closeup on special finishes on the corrugated cardboard box
Closeup on special finishes on the corrugated cardboard box

Q: Since we’re approaching Christmas, can you tell us about your latest panettone packaging?

After winning the medal for our artisan panettone, we needed to create a special package that would enhance our product.

So we asked the Trentino artist Fabio Vettori to design his famous ants in a pastry version for us! Our goal was to convey how much care, love and hard work lies behind our artisan panettone. We therefore needed a box that would enhance the artist’s work and preserve our dessert at best.

Just like the tailor does with their suit, the whole Packly team was super helpful in advising us on the box model and the most suitable material. The 3d preview then helped clarify the idea and finally the prototype we received before the final order confirmation made us confident in saying: yes, this is the right box for us!

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