Innovative and sustainable packaging. Today we’d like to introduce you to a happy Packly customer who used our tech solutions to launch a high potential product.

Today we’d like to talk about a small-scale collaboration, having led to a high-potential project. Choko Loko is a chocolate standing out for its quality material, the variety of products and the innovative and sustainable packaging. We have stated it multiple times and we will keep doing so. Sustainability is not a fad but rather a necessary choice for durable development that does not deplete the earth’s resources.

Today we met one of our happy users, who has made sustainability the core of its operations. Let’s have a chat with Elena Luzi, creator and founder of Live Better and “mother” of Chokkino, the first pure cocoa Espresso, the perfect alternative to coffee.

A review of our service by Elena Luzi - founder of Live Better
A review of our service by Elena Luzi – founder of Live Better

Q: Elena, where did the idea of ​​your start-up stem from?

A: Everything originated from me. I’ve never enjoyed coffee in my life and wanted an alternative other than barley or ginseng. Thus Chokkino came about, the 100% cocoa espresso! When we started selling online, we also included many other products. We started with powdered coconut milk which, combined with Chokkino, creates a creamy and velvety drink: Chokko-Cocco! Very often a winning idea comes from a personal need. If I hadn’t hated coffee, it would never have occurred to me to create Cioppuccino where to soak up focaccia. Pay attention to your own needs, because most likely many other people share them too.

Q: How did you find out about Packly?

A: I discovered Packly through a Google search. I had to create the initial packaging of the Chokkino Box, hence I found you. I immediately ordered the samples and when  they arrived I thought: “Us Italians are ingenious indeed!” The service you offer is extraordinary. In the past  it was unthinkable to set up a small production of die-cut boxes. Thanks to Packly, instead,  it’s become a reality! You are awesome!

Q: Tell us about Choko Loco’s innovative and sustainable packaging

A: Choko Loco is a coconut milk chocolate, produced by a small artisan in Südtirol: Armin by Karuna Chocolate. It is created from “fino de aroma” beans harvested in a rainforest in Ecuador. So it is a very fine chocolate. It needed an important packaging, which protected it and at the same time embellished it. This is why we chose a tuck end box. Thanks to your service, we have been able to customize it to the fullest. Otherwise, given our small quantities, it would not have been feasible.

A review of our service by Elena Luzi - founder of Live Better
Choko Loco and its packaging by Packly

Q: Have you found other innovative packaging solutions on Packly?

A: Yes, we have created a beautiful box for the milk frother that we insert in our various boxes. Here again, if it hadn’t been for Packly, we couldn’t have started production because our quantity demands are limited.


In short, nothing is impossible with Packly. If you need innovative and sustainable packaging with no minimum order, you’re in the right place. Create your prototype, customize it at best and order only the necessary copies. It could be the start of another great success!