The term interactive packaging has multiple meanings. Above all, it defines packaging that requires some kind interaction or provides engaging information. For instance, this kind of boxes can feature technological elements such as sensors. But quirky labels are sometimes enough to get the job done.

As we often state, the product is no longer the only focus of consumers’ attention. In fact, packaging plays a significant, if not pivotal role in attracting potential buyers. A well designed box can not only enhance the product’s image, but also reinforce a brand’s identity.

First and foremost, interactive packaging aims to involve the consumer. It’s an intelligent solution that can enhance the value of the product and make it memorable. After all, any positive interaction creates an emotional link between the user and the item. It’s a way to establish an active relationship between the two parties. Lastly, this type of packaging prompts the buyer to engage with it through an array of actions.

Want some examples? Think of a box with a dots game that can reveal an image upon completion. Or a label with a cross-puzzle to solve. Think of a paper cup that rotates on itself and changes its facial expression. What about a set of boxes that plead “cut me”, “unroll me”, “tear me”, etc? These are all perfect examples of interactive packaging. Packaging that becomes the centerpiece of the user experience and makes every unboxing more fun and engaging.

Interactivity can have a goal of making the packaging informative or useful in some other way. Think of suggestions on how to consume a certain product. Extra information which is both fun and appealing is another way to give packaging extra appeal. It’s crucial to stimulate customers’ senses to win them over. Especially nowadays, as everyone seems to be in search for new and constant stimuli.

Sometimes a simple interaction or a piece of interesting information is the best way to intrigue and involve people. It’s a way to transform something as mundane as packaging in a lasting experience. Most companies today are investing more and more to create interactive boxes that win over consumers and slay the competition.

Below is a collection of 15 functional, creative and interactive packaging ideas to get you inspired and ready to create your own boxes.