Have you already got the chance to leaf through the Italia Publishers issue n.1 of 2017? I hope yes! Otherwise, I’m going to tell you what it is about.

In this special edition, the guys of Density team gave life to a cutting-edge folding carton project: Knowledge-in-a-Box. A series of 5.000 magazines included in a really unique packaging, totally customized thanks to some of the most advanced technologies available on the market.

The result was achieved thanks to the synergy between some of the most important graphic and folding paper industries. The first big challenge for Italia Publishers guys was just this one: to give life to a compelling and successful project concerning more companies and technologies, starting from the web to a finished printed product. As for us, we can say that they succeed in doing it.



The packaging that covers the magazines was realised from the same panel tuck end box available on Packly. The custom dieline, generated on the web platform in just a few simple clicks, was then personalised by Density team: 9 graphic designs, in series, with decorative cuts.

The print, on Fedrigoni X-PER paperboard, was realised by FaService through a Fujifilm Jet Press 720S. The same company took care of the hot foil stamping to ennoble the headline.

At the end, Pringraf handled the cutting and creasing processes of the packaging through the Highcon Euclid technology that allowed to create a series of decorative cuts with no comparison and really difficult to realise otherwise.

The final graphic and structural look of the packaging fully reflects the many possibilities you have to customize it offered by the innovative technologies involved in this project. In fact, introducing the digital printing and cutting processes, highly flexible, inside the folding carton industry represents a great design and commercial opportunity like no others.

Customization, short runs, good prices and convenience are some of the advantages you can obtain using them. If you want to find out more, I suggest having a look at the great edition of Knowledge-in-a-Box (Italian version), completely dedicated to this issue.


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