Today we really want to share with you something big, that’s why we chose some of the largest packagings available on the web that you can’t absolutely miss.

Before showing you our gallery we should first talk about why such big boxes have been thought and realised. We would say, generally, that there are two reasons.

The first one, the most important and maybe taken for granted, surely is the need to contain a big product. The reason why an object is big may refer both to its functionality, as for cars or parts of them, and to its advertising, as well as, sometimes, to a vanity reason. As it comes about, for example, regarding products created in order to break world records or similar ones.

The second one is purely commercial with a strong communicative and compelling purpose rather than a practical one. This kind of actions often refers to ambient or guerrilla marketing campaigns we have already talked about. An example is the Giant Box advertising campaign realised by Amazon and Nissan for the launch of the new Versa Note in 2014.


Don’t you know it? Don’t worry, you can still fix it. Have a look at the video now!


Creating huge packagings has surely a real eye-catching and emotional effect on the observers, especially when it’s about packages we are used to see on a very small scale. In this case, in fact, the surprise effect is decisive in order to leave a mark within the memory of people. In addition, surprising consumers may ensure that a product will go viral.

A great way to make your own product unforgettable, don’t you believe?

In the gallery you can find some of the largest packagings we have found on the web. If you know other ones don’t miss the chance to share them with us by commenting on the post.