Fattobene – Italian Everyday Archetipes a beautiful book edited by Anna Lagorio and Alex Carnevali and published by Corraini in November 2017. Fatto bene, “well done” in English, is a collection of some of the best made in Italy products and their timeless packagings. Items that made history and, sometimes, still do it.

From Amarene Fabbri to Coccoina, from Crystal Ball to Amarelli liquorice, from Paneangeli yeast to Zenith staplers ending with anonymous design objects that have not changed over time and that are still well known for their extreme functionality and effectiveness. Well done objects already perfect as they are and that can’t be improved. Do you already know what I am talking about? Here are some examples! Straw broom, gnocchi chopping board, tying handkerchief (mandillu da gruppu), Italian bowls (bocce) and many others. We are obviously talking about objects that are still in production and can still be purchased.

FATTOBENE Italian Everyday Archetypes

Fattobene, timeless products shop

Fattobene was born merely as an online shop to sell made in Italy historical products and then it became, in only two years, a real Italian excellence archive. For someone, it can even turn into a nostalgic attic full of memories. A beautiful idea aimed to collect and valorise all the timeless objects scattered throughout the Italian peninsula and designed to be fatti bene.

Are you wondering how a product can be considered part of this selection? Each item should have an interesting history, a unique packaging and being in production for at least 40 years.

Timeless packagings

Obviously, every respectable, “eternal and immutable” object needs a packaging that lives up to it (if it should have one). I bet that most of you, including me, remember most of the packagings of these products even better than their content. For that reason you can also find a beautiful and valid collection of timeless packagings inside the book. Everything strictly made in Italy.

fattobene-valobra soap packaging
So, let’s begin!

What do you think about Amarene Fabbri? When you think about them, don’t you suddenly imagine their iconic pottery? I do!

amarene-fabbri-pottery italian design

And what if I talk about Italian digestive tablets, do you already know what to expect?


And what about Italian liquorice cans?

amarelli liquorice box

These are only a few examples to show you how a good product together with a timeless packaging can make the difference. Some of them can effectively communicate the whole corporate identity at a glance. A great result, don’t you think?


Let’s find out now all the wonders hidden in Fattobene, have a look at our timeless packagings gallery!