Oltre il Sole (Beyond the Sun ed.) and Packly: the story of a success. Let’s hear about the experience on our platform from a happy Packly customer.

Today we’d like to tell you a story: that of Oltre il Sole and Packly. Firstly, let’s talk with Carlotta Bernardotti Founder, Product manager, and spokesperson of the OIS Luxury Group (IG @ Oltre.il.sole).

Carlotta, how was your company born and what is its target audience?

Oltre il Sole was founded in 2010 to offer a range of professional face and body treatments for home use. As a matter of fact, our customers have one purpose: the result. Consequently, they trust us and let us guide them through their path towards getting back in shape.

Hydrating cream treatment and packaging
Hydrating cream treatment and packaging

On your instagram profile you can read a slogan: “We teach you to love yourself”. What is the idea of ​​beauty you want to communicate?

A woman who starts taking care of herself also begins to accept and love herself, to gain confidence. In fact, she looks in the mirror with different eyes and smiles at her own reflection. Accepting oneself regardless of size and imperfections is a long journey. We guide and accompany those who choose us every day with passion and dedication.

Let’s move on to the collaboration between Oltre il Sole and Packly. In your opinion, how important is packaging in conveying the quality of a cosmetic product?

We believe that premium packaging is essential, not only to sell a product but also to embody its quality. The visual impact must immediately highlight the philosophy of the brand.

Let’s now engage with Fabio Plumeri, Operations Manager of OIS Luxury Group Srl. What are the packaging projects you have created on Packly?

It’s the packaging of 3 of our kits, Miriduce, Midrena and Mirassoda. Indeed we needed to be able to pile them in the warehouse. Unfortunately without the pack this is not possible, because they contain many different items. Also, we wanted to give them that professional and prestigious touch that was missing.

Draining treatment and premium packaging
Draining treatment and premium packaging

Oltre il Sole packaging made on Packly

As you may have appreciated from the images, the boxes make a wise use of background patterns (stripes). The latter have different colors to identify the involved product lines. The typeface is essential and the logo and other textual elements benefit from the refinement of the gold foil.


Did you get inspired to create your own prototype of cosmetic packaging in the wake of this testimonial? We have been waiting for you. Experiment as much as you want and ask for an immediate quote for printing.