Today we will look at 10 great examples of packaging branding and rebranding that have strengthened the corporate identity through the use of integrated communication processes.

Packaging and branding are closely related. The packaging is the vehicle through which the brand can convey personality to both the product it contains and the brand itself. This function is part of the integrated communication process and is of vital importance for the business.

Each brand must take advantage of the synergistic action of the tools it uses to communicate, attract attention and create stable relationships with its customers. 

In this synergic process, packaging plays a fundamental role in increasing the brand’s visibility and connects directly to branding activities. The packaging design is made to deliver corporate identity through colors, texts, and logos closely linked to the brand values.

According to some studies, customers often choose only one in an offer of 1000 products. In fact, buyers often develop mental shortcuts that lead them to prefer well-established brands. In other words, people buy what they perceive as more reliable. Building consumers’ trust is therefore crucial. A brand speaks not only of its values but also of what family and friends think about it and how advertising campaigns portray it.

Scroll down to see our 10 picks of communicative packaging designed to integrate perfectly with the corporate identity and ensure brand awareness and success.