It is called äitiyspakkaus, literally layette, and it is the starter kit granted by the Finnish government to all future mothers.

According to the tradition, born in 1938, every expectant woman will receive, from the government, a maternity box, made up of cardboard, including all that the newborn may need. At the heart of this philosophy there is the will to guarantee to all children, no matter which social class they belong to, the same life beginning.

The starter kit includes all the necessary goods for a baby: a small mattress, creams, nappies, towels, quilts, blankets, bodies, romper suits, snowsuits, first games, etc…

And that’s not all. Once empty, the box will turn into a small child-friendly bed: the first bed of a real Finnish!



Finland, in the Thirties, was a very poor country characterised by an high infant mortality rate. In that period, the government started the first social welfare programs, introducing, among other things, the äitiyspakkaus.

Originally, the baby box was given only to low-income family, but from 1949 the law changed and all expectant women, before the fourth month of pregnancy, had the right to receive the maternity package, after being visited by a doctor.

Thanks to this custom, aimed to have a better health control on maternity, infant mortality was reduced.

Baby in a box: kids security

Someone thinks, plus, that the box will help more reduce sudden infant deaths: let the children sleep in a limited space without games, stuffed toys and pillows may reduce the risk of sudden crib deaths, often unexplainable.

In fact, as previously said, once all objects inside the baby box have been pulled out, the package will soon turn into a comfortable small child-friendly bed. Its small dimensions and the four walls ensure the total security of the newborn that will sleep soundly.

It’s interesting to know that Finnish girls may choose between the baby box or a cash grant of 140 Euros and that 95 % of them prefers the first one, which has an higher economic value, probably emotive too. The äitiyspakkaus became, in fact, after about 80 years, a very ritual welcome symbol in the world.

Spread of

In recent years, this beautiful tradition has spread to many countries till to Italy, where it is called valigia maternità (maternity suitcase).

Each country adapted the box contents and functions according to the population needs: a plastic box in South Africa, mosquito nets in India, and so on.

Your Packly baby box

baby gift box


Even if we are not ready to realise a very äitiyspakkaus, today we want to propose you a nice solution for a lovely and useful baby gift: the Packly baby box.

The box was realised starting from the lid and bottom variant available on our platform. Dimensions have been accurately studied in order to contain all the useful baby accessories inside the packaging…but not the newborn!

Packly baby box content:

  • baby shoes
  • bibs
  • diapers
  • romper suits
  • creams

You can customise the box with your graphic artwork and a dedication to the baby, thanks to the white space on the lid! A very welcome starter kit in the world totally customised.

An useful proposal both for your customers and friends, don’t you think?

Technical packaging information:

Packaging type: Lid and bottom box (3/4 height)
Dimensions: 310x240x80
Printing method: 4 colours process (CMYK)


baby box Packly

custom baby box Packly

maternity box Packly

maternity box