Tiramisù or apple pie? Or, better, exotic tastes like lychees and mango? These are only four of the 100 chocolate flavours that you can find in the Chocolate Research Facility shop located in Singapore. Why are we talking about it? Because of their amazing packaging!

We have already been through pattern use in packaging design: the case study we propose you today is the perfect example. CRF’s chocolate bars are characterised (and distinguished!) by packages with outstanding textures realised by the creative agency Asylum. The bars are collected into series concerning the main ingredient, each one with a specific pattern. The colours identify the various tastes. Awe-inspiring motives that will make your choice even more inviting and funnier!

“Many consumers, as they saw the small boxes covered by unique and colourful shapes, believed that we were selling soap bars” says Cheryl, CRF’s public relation manager, “the idea of realising a remarkable packaging with wonderful patterns got them even more curious about finding out that it was chocolate”. The use of several textures highlighted the wide range of product available in Chocolate Research Facility shop and, therefore, strongly diversified its market supply.

Each texture was created after accurate design studies: ingredients, effects and their resulting experiences gave life to creative and original solutions. An example? Alcohol series, with its psychedelic and chaotic decorations that remind of night neon lights, refers to the blurred visions after few drinks, whereas bright polka-dotted boxes aims to represent the fruit-flavoured chocolate bar of the Double Fruits series. And what about pure chocolate lovers? Here the Connoisseur series: its clean and essential design, that remind us of pharmaceutical packaging, refers to the authentic cocoa taste, without any aroma addition. Geometrical optics and stylised forms, typical shapes and pattern from the ‘70s wallpaper will let you feel like you’re wrapping your chocolate bar in a lovely rétro room and fully enjoy its flavour.

CRF’s boxes patterns play a strategic marketing role: they will draw consumers attention in order to win them over…while the wide range of flavours will do the rest! Chocolate Research Facility is now a must-stop shop for chocolate lovers based in Singapore, especially for the one who wants to wrap its packages.

Stop for a while and take a look at the images we propose you: you couldn’t take your eyes off these exciting chocolate packaging textures! And what about you? Have you already chosen your favourite packaging?