Packaging design and research. The initiative by a bakery in Bologna rewarding designers with their products

Packaging design and research. The graphics and the style of packaging are now a real matter of study and debate. We are pleased to introduce you to the case of the famous Brisa bakery in the Bologna area, which has organized a real call for artists and creatives to design packaging for their products.

Packaging and research: the call to creatives
The bakery call for creatives

The die-cut templates are available for download. Each artist, designer or creative can choose a format, apply the graphics they deem most appropriate and win 25 packs of baked goods inside the boxes they designed themselves.

Packaging for Brisa's panettone
Packaging for Brisa’s panettone

Bread and pizza are the flagship items that Forno Brisa offers its customers, made mostly from wheat grown in Abruzzo. Lately the product range has expanded with chocolate and coffee. We can also find traditional cakes such as colomba and panettone.

Packaging for Brisa's colomba
Packaging for Brisa’s colomba

Famous examples of packaging design and research

Several companies have adopted a collaborative approach asking customers to design their packaging or other marketing materials.

Starbucks, for example, asked consumers to draw a subject of their choice on one of their famous paper cups that would later be printed in a limited edition. About 4,000 drawings arrived with unprecedented involvement.

IKEA instead asked young creators to design a character or an animal of their own invention that would then be turned into a soft toy. Here, too, the participation was extraordinary and the sales result exceeded expectations.

How can we forget the case of pasta producers, Garofalo leading the way, who highlighted the cooking time on packaging following the feedback from their users? The list could go on.

Customer centricity in packaging design

We at Packly liked this idea a lot for a number of reasons:

1. It demonstrates how user feedback is central to the success of a brand

2. It encourages a sort of crowdsourcing, a democratic approach to the definition of packaging

3. It confirms the importance of graphic refresh for packaging is, whether it is seasonal or not

4. It is based on prototyping, even on a small runs, by carrying out user testing in real time

5. It strengthens the relationship with the brand and it allows emerging designers to put themselves to the test


If you want to participate in this competition or you want to create a different packaging on your own, Packly is here for you.

Just try the graphics on one of our numerous formats, both in classic and corrugated cardboard. Packly will print the box and send it to you, even in one single copy, at the price and within the timeframe displayed in real time. We recommend that you test this out!