“You can’t judge a book by its cover”, we know. But a beautiful cover, together with a good plot, may certainly helps. Not to mention packaging, a powerful tool able to make a real difference on shelves. Book box sets, carved sleeves or custom packages: packaging solutions I’m running across are so many and unexpected too.

Book packaging

Most of books is generally sold with no package. Cover performs, in fact, the functions more commonly fulfilled by packaging: protection, carriage and presentation.

In which case, then, is it appropriate to use book packaging? To ship them, for example. To show the book in a new and original way, by taking into advantage the packaging structural and graphic possibilities. To add more value to the product. Or, perhaps, to collect more volumes of the same series and facilitate their transport after purchase.

Book box sets

Creating book bundles that include the first volumes of a series is a very frequent choice, useful to loyalize the reader and promote the purchase of next ones, maybe full price. Single books may be joint together in a box set even if they are not part of a series. Realising that packagings often refers to book marketing activities aimed to support book promotion and to purchase in sales.

Including a book, or more than one, in a dedicated packaging is a great way to give a new look to an existing product, even already seen. A good solution for any type of gift bundles.

It’s well-founded, then, that packaging is a very useful distinctive element able to renew the product image and to increase its visibility, an added value that can make the difference…both commercial and emotive!

Book packagings here proposed are a good example. Don’t you think? Choose your favourite one and get inspired!