2016 was a great year for packaging design. The graphic and structural trends of past year, described here, will be headed our way over 2017. Packaging continues to be a fundamental tool to make a brand successful, improving sales and customer loyalty.

Here are the 6 upcoming trends you need to know:


1. Essential design and geometrical patterns

People will always prefer simple and clear packaging design, usually based on geometrical forms and polygonal patterns, where product central information is immediate and customers will not be confused by complex and unclear graphic layouts.

Keep in mind: being unclear may lead consumers in buying concurrent products.

laperla soap packaging

cartridges hanging box


2. Vintage look

Authenticity and reliability of products will always be the main purpose of companies. Therefore, we’ll find vintage style over 2017 and it will widely influence the e-commerce packaging design, more and more used by brand companies.

Nostalgia will be the keyword and the mood of the new year especially for this kind of packages. Companies offering e-commerce services will likely choose to send their products inside old-school postage-paid envelopes that will remind to people ancient memories. Graphic design inspired by old letters and postcards, labels and masking tapes with the most important information about products: commercial strategy will be all about touching and involving the customer.

rollover end box vintage style Packly

T-shirts box


3. Branding

To enhance brand identity, companies are constantly looking for new packaging solutions, where packaging shape and structure become the first elements to set the brand apart. Innovative and unique packaging design that are able to represent the label in every communication strategy. An example? The well-known contour, the Coca-Cola small bottle, which became the main symbol of the brand, enough to use it in every advertising campaign.

branding packaging design

the four ladies branding packaging


4. “Handmade”

Concerning branding and storytelling strategies, a new trend will consist of using illustrations and calligraphic fonts as a brand narrative tool. Graphic design and logos will be incorporated to better identify the product and its brand values.

Fashion packaging

box for coffee pods


5. Interaction and multisensory experience

Windowings, both real and simulated, will be widely used: new design products are exploring the interaction with packages, both physical and mental, and the stimulation of senses. A packaging able to embrace and surprise observers is the best solution to encourage them choosing a specific product.

healthcare packaging food supplements package

nail polish boxes

6. Reuse and recycling

Sustainability is a central topic in any projects. The wide range of innovative and eco-friendly materials available will allow the development and creation of low environmental impact solutions.
Beyond it, a new fast-growing trend will blossom: the action of reuse, consisting of multipurpose packaging design able to give a second life to boxes. A life besides the product.

custom sunglasses packaging and holder

Baby custom shadow box frame

And what about the colour of the year? Greenery, as reported by Pantone®. A colour that is a perfect tie with the popular eco-friendly and biological trends that will live over 2017, surely after.

years 2017 pantone colour greenery



With 2017 packaging trends in mind, we can say that design should surely add simplicity, authenticity and meaning to every box.

Both companies and privates should think about realising projects that are able to convey a clear and impressive message to consumers, enhancing their confidence and leading them to purchase.

Are you ready for new challenges in packaging design world? Explore these new trends and amaze your customers with original and unpredictable design solutions!


Do you know any other trends we didn’t talk about? Don’t wait, comment here. We’ll happy to share your suggestions!