Packaging for medicines. Teva, the pharmaceutical company, has completed a restyling process involving doctors, pharmacists and patients.

Packaging for medicines. Pharmaceutical companies also use packaging to maximize sales, but not only. It is the case with Teva, a leader in the production of drugs with millions of customers globally. After years of research and development, they released the new user-friendly packs. The goal of the new graphics is also reassuring patients making them aware of all aspects surrounding their therapy.

Teva's journey to renewed packaging for medecines
Teva’s journey to renewed packaging for medecines

Hubert Puech d’Alissac, CEO of Teva Italy explains: “our goal is to innovate and create value for patients and for our partners in the healthcare system. We try to meet their present and future needs, because our stakeholders are at the center of our every decision”.

Innovation in packaging for medicines

The first interesting element is that design thinking methods helped creating the packaging. Underlying this approach is the central role of the user in the creative process. Secondly, we have rapid prototyping to tackle the market at the right time. The whole operation also has a positive effect on the key messages and brand image conveyed through the product. 

As many as 400 doctors, patients and pharmacists were involved in the design phase, taking into account their different expectations. We had already stressed how central user feedback is for the success of a product, as in cooking time for pasta.

With pharmaceutical packaging, the concept is similar. The packaging helps you feel confident that you are managing your therapy properly. The restyling involves “the name of the product, the dosage, the graphics and the tips on the back. These elements contribute to taking medicines in a more correct and conscious way”.

Teva's redesigned packaging for medecines
Teva’s redesigned packaging for medecines

In fact, the creators from Teva have decided to emphasized the dosage rather than the naming of the drug. We can say that they overcame their sense of inferiority with respect to the more well-known drugs. Furthermore, the space dedicated to information on the back of the box has increased, proportionally with sizing. Therefore the effect is of reassurance and information at 360 °.

Daphne Gerrits, head of packaging design at Teva, maintains that when it comes to drugs there is a lot more than a simple box. “There are emotional and rational needs from consumers. Packaging is mainly about safety. You need to display all the relevant information, without making it crowded or difficult to read.”

A mock-up of the new info placement
A mock-up of the new info placement

The TEVA for you campaign

An omnichannel strategy is instrumental to reach sales targets. Indeed, the initiative went hand in hand with an advertising campaign in the main online and offline media.

The Teva for you media campaign
The Teva for you media campaign

Umberto Comberiati, Teva Italia business unit lead, comments: “The Teva campaign is aimed at being even closer to patients. Working with doctors and pharmacists, we help ensure therapeutic consistency, chronic disease management and ease of use. Even through crystal clear packaging”.


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