Are you wondering what to give for Valentine’s day? Would you like to realise bespoke packaging but you are not good at graphic design? Don’t worry, we’ll think about that. In this post you will find two graphic files ready to be downloaded and customised.

As for the outsiders, packaging design graphics may be a little tricky, enough to put them from creating custom boxes off. For Valentine’s day we got the idea to realise two vector graphic layouts, available directly online for download, starting from two boxes you can find on Packly: the hinged lid box and the snap lock base box. You need only to download the two PDF files, open and personalise them with a graphic design software.

How’s that? Weren’t they just ready? Yes indeed! The two files get their own graphic, you just have to personalise them through your own text. Even if you have never used graphic softwares, you need just to open our file and then you can customise the sample text as you want by clicking twice on it. If you get by in creating artworks instead, you can use the symbols and decorations available by changing and adapting them as you prefer: in that case you can also consider to use the various textures on different die-cut templates.

Realising a custom packaging for Valentine’s day will give an added value to your gifts and let your loved ones fall in love in a very pleasant way.

Are you ready to create your own packaging? Go on Packly, choose one of the two box styles we propose you and enter the following information:

Rollover hinged lid box
dimensions: 200 x 150 x 40 mm
material: 350 gsm

1-2-3 bottom box
dimensions: 80 x 80 x 80 mm
material: 300 gsm

Once the order will be placed, you can upload your artwork, or that one you have changed based on another box you bought, in the My Packly area next to your own order.

Don’t wait, Valentine’s day is coming!


valentine's day custom graphic design 123 bottom box


Download – PDF File (809 KB)


valentine's day graphic design hinged lid box


Download – PDF File(320 KB)