Are you seeking a phone case custom packaging where your brand might stand out? Packly offers you much more! The boxes available online can be tailored to your cases: you only have to choose the box type, enter the sizes you need and add your custom artwork on Packly’s dieline. I think that the slim hanging box recently added might be the perfect solution for you.

A straight line packaging with Euro Hang Hole, like the most common cell phone case boxes, designed to exhibit the cases at their best within the point of sales. It does not matter whether it is a counter, floor or wall display. All displays that comply with the European standard could hold your phone case custom packaging.

Iphone cases, Samsung covers or protections for any other smartphone might be comfortably packed in your tailored boxes, carefully designed to catch customers attention. In fact, in addition to the dimensions, you can customize the whole outer side of the packaging through images, texts, logos or any other graphic element you need. You might also add a window, with or without plastic film, to immediately show the product to the users, facilitating their purchase choice.

Phone case custom packaging

Our daily proposal was born for this purpose: a slim hanging box with front hang hole for Iphone cases. After measuring the product, we only had to enter the box internal dimensions to obtain, in real time, its custom dieline. The graphics is composed of white backgrounds, sharp and marked outlines and chromatic vivacity: a clear reference to pop style and an excellent trick to catch observers attention. A window with an irregular outline completes the work, leaving the back of the smartphone covers clearly visible. A quick and simple way to give an extra touch to the product increasing sales.

Our phone case custom packaging is just the starting point from which you could achieve unexpected results. Unleash your creativity and create the perfect box for your smartphone cases.

Packaging technical information

Packaging type: Slim hanging box
Dimensions: 143 x 72 x 12
Printing method: four-colour process


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