“Cultivated by man, two steps from the Duomo”: this is Riso D’uomo’s claim. Brand whose name simultaneously communicates a double message: the area of origin of the rice and the artisan dimension of the company. A word game that “only took an apostrophe, as small as a grain of rice” (Riso d’Uomo – official website) to effectively communicate a clear, simple and genuine message.

Cascina Basmetto, built in the middle of 1300 in the south of Milan, was originally owned by the Monastero of San Barnaba in Gratosoglio. Today it is the operational headquarters of the agricultural company that produces Riso D’uomo, 100% pure carnaroli rice. An authentic product with an exclusive taste, that responds to a specific company mission: offer an excellent food experience, which is a pleasure both for the body and the soul.

Both the position and the history of the brand inspired the rebranding and repackaging project of the company realised by the London-based graphic design studio Here Design by Caz Hildebrand.

Timeless graphics

An unmistakable pattern borrowed from the medoni (tiles) in Candoglia marble that compose the floor of the Duomo di Milano: this is the starting point of the graphic design project of Here. An historical and characteristic symbol revisited in a contemporary way to create a vivid texture able to renew the look of a timeless product like rice.

Navy blue and terracotta red have been borrowed directly from the flooring colours, whilst the medoni original texture have been reduced to a modular system of shapes to which have been added simple geometrical rice patterns. A perfect mix of illustration, typo and colour that creates an identity packaging with a strong visual impact. The three textures, inspired by the three floor tiles, differentiate Riso D’uomo in: classic, semi-whole grain and whole grain.

A new and bold look, a rebranding project that completely redefines the corporate visual identity making the product stand out on the shelves. An original and effective choice of style that caught the attention of both creative and not.

If you want to know more about the flooring have a look at the article “The floor of the Duomo di Milano” on the official website of the cathedral.


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