This week’s inspirational post is a collection of 10 shoe packaging designs with a unique twist.

When we think about shoeboxes, a plain and boring design comes to mind. Most of us have more than a few of them lying around the house.

This is mainly because the purpose of a shoebox is strictly that of containing the shoes and making them easy to transport and move around. In fact, in most stores, shoes are almost always displayed without their packaging.

Companies produce large quantities of shoes every year. This means that significant investments are necessary for both the development of new models and advertisement campaigns. For these reasons, companies often decide to put the design of the shoe packaging on the back burner. Some footwear brands, however, are very attentive in terms of design and strive to give their customers the best shopping experience. 

Scroll down to see our 10 picks for creative footwear packaging ideas that promote brand awareness and look absolutely amazing.

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