In several articles I told you about the huge communicative and commercial potentialities of packaging. Today I’m going to show you a concrete example of packaging used as main purchasing factor: José packagings for food and wine products.

Described by many as silent salesman, packaging is located in a crucial point of the retail chain: distribution. A delicate phase in which packaging is often directly related to possible buyers, with no intermediary. In that case, its sole mission is selling, itself and the product inside.


José packagings

José, a Portuguese brand of food and wine products, has bet all (to get started at least) on its nice boxes. Its creators are just the ones who openly declare it on the company website. In the design section they explain, first of all, the reason why creative direction of their projects has been entrusted to a packaging design outsider, the creative Luis Mendonça. A way to find out-of-the-box visual and packaging solutions.

Speaking bluntly they say, plus, that anyone who decided to buy José’s products for their packaging have exactly met their expectations. Which one? Catch consumer’s attention thanks to the beauty of José packagings, in order to give to the product the possibility to be tasted first. And then? Then it’s all about the quality that will go on reaching the goal: to satisfy consumers with good products in order to loyalize them.

The logic behind their commercial politics is, therefore, very simple: the box is beautiful, I will buy it. The product is good, I will buy it again.

A marketing action and images entirely based on visual and communicative power of packaging and its wonderful illustrations, created ad hoc for each product.


The company

Let’s find out something more about this brand which, besides introducing itself in a nice and shrewd way, it’s holding strong values on its own commercial ideology.

Selectors of best high-quality products, provided by small producers they are tied up through a honest and transparent relationship with: you pay the real price, always in advance. Very careful about sustainability and the right balance between work and entertainment.

What are they looking for? Honest clients, happy as well to pay a price in line with the high quality of the product.


I personally liked them very much. What about you?