Spices are one of the most used ingredients in the kitchen: anyone gots them at home, though they usually pass unnoticed because of their ordinary boxes. Standard spices packaging, simple small bags or glass containers piled on shelves: that is the typical set we mostly see in the stores.

Luckily it is not always so. In this post we propose you some useful and nice spices packaging that may help you to find the perfect solution for your design projects. The right way to get consumers closer to a product that is both usual and tasty!

As previously explained, most of the spices boxes shows roughly their product, without paying attention to their visual design. Many of them are realised with cheap materials and aim only to contain spices, preserving their taste, whereas others are specifically designed to facilitate their use: packages, in that cases, are provided with proper dispensers to make their use easier while cooking. Convenience and ergonomics are the deciding factors while choosing kitchen items and tools.

The creation of appealing and, at the same time, functional spices packaging will be surely the best choice to draw customer attention to them and allows your own product to pop up on shelves: functionality and beauty will be the winning ingredients of your boxes.

Let’s start from the shape. Simple and linear boxes, usually those one high, tight and joinable, are the most-wanted solutions that give life to space saver packages which you can handily put back in the kitchen, even in narrow places. But they are not the only ones. You can decide to break the rules creating packaging with special and unusual shapes, for instance that one with modular compositions: well-fitted structures will keep the products tidy, making all the best housewives happier…and not just them!

Such a spices packaging can set the item apart from the others, improving its presence shelf. Forms inspiring to the specific composition and structure of the product are able to strengthen its identity, whereas proper geometrical structures can increase the box usability.

Charming structures, together with a detailed graphic design, may help to loyalize the buyer who will prefer your product thanks to its quality and beauty: modular packaging set with creative colours palette which become collection elements. Nice, right?

Buying a product thanks to its packaging is, and it always will be, the biggest challenge for packaging designers. Here you can find 10 really original spices packaging: from light bulb shape box to single dose blisters which will easily “burst” on pots and dishes. Get inspired to give your day more taste!

Try to realise appealing and unique spices packaging just now: a crash lock bottom box and a hanging box could be the right ones for you!