Do you want to dive into a new creative challenge? Take up a new sport! Physical activities, both competitive and recreational, can become a daily ritual. For some people they are a integral part of their lifestyle. To design a successful sports packaging, one must keep these aspects in mind.

Brands that focus on sports, whether they like it or not, are now a part of an exciting challenge. In fact, only the most original ideas are able to set themselves apart. Today’s companies have to face many challenges. They need to win the consumers over and to bring them closer to their favorite activity. Hence, packaging plays a fundamental role in this marketing match.

How to design unique sports packaging?

Sport is part of everyday life and influences the lifestyles of many people. Sports, moreover, have their own values and principles. Brands should keep these values in mind whenever designing sports packaging. These values, in other words, need strong and attractive advocating. Buyers should be able to understand the product completely. From its technical requirements to the ideals it conveys.

A good approach when designing packaging of this type is to do things step by step. First, one must ensure the box communicates all the required technical information. Later, one can add other, more interesting elements, such as colors and textures. Colors that recall nature, for instance, can comunicate the open air aspect of a sport. This very evident in Honu packaging. Honu is a Californian surfing accessories manufacturer with a goal. The goal is to create a strong bond between the surfers and Honu’s products. The brand has achieved that by choosing a natural, handmade-like look for its boxes. It’s, thus, very much in tune with the authentic origins of the surfer culture.

Honu Sports Packaging for Surfers

Choices relating to design and aesthetics must always take these details into account. It’s important to consider the type of activity, its context it’s inherent values. This is a fail-proof way to make packaging that resonates with people and communities. Or to suggest a change in tradition or a full-blown paradigm shift.

Sports packaging: 15 creative examples

Passion and originality are essential to create successful sports packaging. Finding surprising solutions that seduce the consumer is not an easy undertaking. It is a necessary challenge to achieve optimal sales results and customer loyalty.

Below are 15 examples of sports packaging that reflect their brand’s goals and values.

A post about sports packaging is not complete without a single mention of sports drinks. After all, we’re talking about a product that’s so important during physical activity! The biggest challenge in this case is highlighting the drink’s nutritional qualities. Most of these bottles known for their bright hues. It’s typical to see them in green and orange, colors that shout strength and energy. It comes as no surprise, since vivid colors are best at recalling fruits and vegetables. And looking healthy versus synthetic can make it or break it for a sports drink!