Spring is back, are you sure that your customers aren’t still in hibernation? If you’re not convinced, give them a shake! Get inspired from the seed packaging we chose for you that will give everyone, not only green thumbs, a boost to get their hands a little dirty!

Recycled is not the only green choice you can make. Virgin fiber paperboards are completely eco-friendly as well. Anyway, we will focus on it in another post!


Communicate with style

What should a seed packaging say? Which plant is about, first, and, why not, how to cultivate it. Once the message is clear, the graphic and structural boxes design will get started. Each brand gives life to specific solutions in line with its own corporate image.

Botanical illustrations, calligraphic fonts or lapidary characters designed for seed packaging that look classical and authentic. A stylistic choice that generally focuses on the use of natural paper in line with the other visual elements.

Biodegradable “immersion” boxes for all-in-one packaging solutions: both container and fertilizer. Or small paperboard bags, small pot boxes able to easily carry the product or seed packaging set differentiated by colours, texts or images. As for beginners instead, including visible instructions on the box may act as a great lure.


Easy is beautiful

Being simple and clear is essential. Simplified, tear or resealable openings in one fell swoop, and ergonomics shapes: all seed packaging are all about the easy way to use. The tricky part, of course, should not be that one referring the purchase or the use of seeds. What matters too, is to keep the product intact and fresh as longer as possible.

Don’t miss out on the power of a great and effective design: appealing packaging that will turn the creation of a garden into a more lovely experience for consumers. Playing with plant shapes, drawings and images increase the creativity of customers that will enjoy decorating their home with plants as ever.

What are you still waiting for? A wave of colours and shapes is arriving in your garden: get started with the new season with originality!