Nio – Needs Ice Only – cocktails case study: packaging is strategic for success. Let’s find out why.

In today’s post we would like to examine a successful strategic packaging case study. As a matter of fact we’re talking about the Italian startup of ready-to-taste cocktails NIO: Needs Ice Only.

The mission of NIO cocktails

Who wouldn’t want to enjoy cocktails prepared by the best bartenders in the world from the comfort of their home? Founders of the startup NIO, Needs ice only must have surely thought of this. 

100% Italian, the innovative company offers a selection of drinks prepared according to the most stringent standards of quality and taste. In addition to the timeless Whiskey sour, Margarita, Gin sour, Negroni, Vodka sour, Manhattan, Daiquiri, Milan-Turin, Gimlet and Boulevardier, the catalog grows visibly. The composition consists of carefully selected ingredients without chemicals or preservatives.

The role of strategic packaging

Firstly, in order for cocktails to arrive at their destination unaltered and perfectly serviceable, packaging plays a strategic role.

Internally we find a food plastic bag containing the sealed beverage. The external packaging in flat cardboard is instead the real gem holding the secret to this brilliant packaging.

The basic package of the NIO cocktail

Let’s start from the basics. NIO cocktails come in a slim box, which may resemble a CD case, with a round window similar to the door of the washing machine.

The graphic elements are minimal. That is to say a classic white and gray background, essential typefaces and the outline of the window as the only note of color to differentiate the product. The perforated corner to tear for a comfortable opening and effective pouring is indeed very smart. As we said, it’s strategic packaging.

Nio cocktails' strategic packaging
Nio cocktails’ strategic packaging

Strategic packaging: the display

The cocktail packs can come inside a very convenient display, practical both for storage and for recognizability if put on display, as the name suggests.

In this case the chosen medium is corrugated cardboard for greater resistance.

NIO cocktails on display
NIO cocktails on display

Personalization: a lever for strategic packaging

We have repeatedly told you how personalization is a key element of the packaging design strategy. in this case the NIO cocktail case served as a customized wedding invitation. Moreover, it comprises a tone-on-tone topographic map to help guests reach the designated location. The effect of memorability and personal involvement with the brand is spot on. 

NIO cocktails' strategic packaging as wedding invitation
NIO cocktails’ strategic packaging as wedding invitation

Personalized Gift box for a top engagement

Another very interesting possibility of personalization is the Gift box experience. You can choose a selection of cocktails to be placed into an exclusive box alongside branded glasses and a practical ice container.

It  certainly is a beautiful bottom and lid box with a double-walled tray. The inserts inside preserve not only the cocktail packages but also the additional elements for an unforgettable  unboxing and tasting experience.

Double-walled tray with inserts for NIO's gift box
Double-walled tray with inserts for NIO’s gift box


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