Subscription boxes bring the latest news in product and services delivered to your door.

Who wouldn’t like it to be Xmas every day, only to get a present to unwrap with the excitement of finding out what’s in it? There is a business that has based its success on this winning mix of gratification and “surprise effect”. Have you ever heard of Subscription boxes?

This model owes its success to a fundamental change in the purchasing logic. The customer is no longer interested in owning but rather in getting access to an asset or service.

Originally this type of business was only applicable to services, but now you can subscribe to virtually anything, from cosmetic products to clothing, from food to technological products.

The Subscription box is literally a package delivered periodically upon sign-up containing a selection of new item or products that are generally difficult to find.

There are 2 types of Subscription boxes: those offering the same products to everyone and those providing a selection of items based on the taste of each subscriber.

Being the deal mainly about boxes, packaging is absolutely key. First of all it protects the contents but it also needs to generate that “wow effect” making the unboxing unique and addictive.

However consumers are very attentive and so caution is in order. The packaging must be designed so that it is always environmentally sustainable, minimizing unnecessary and cumbersome wrapping materials.

Join us in a journey among the coolest and most innovative Subscription boxes. We will see how the choice of packaging is the main leverage of the marketing mix to capture consumers’ attention. Customers will have to be so satisfied, that they not only want to share their experience with that specific brand, but they will also involve others in this addictive ritual.

One of the first sectors in which Subscription boxes have made a splash is certainly cosmetics and beauty products in general: an irresistible temptation for beauty-addicts.

Beauty Box

Let’s talk about Abiby, a made in Italy portal launched in 2018 by two young entrepreneurs. The service offers a subscription Beauty Box model providing customers with the latest cosmetic novelties.

The box is a classic briefcase model, which is also available on Packly, and is made with Kraft corrugated cardboard and personalized with the monochrome Abiby logo. Characterized by a clean and minimalist style, the box is absolutely basic, but this makes it even more mysterious in anticipation of the unboxing.

Beauty Subscription box: Abiby
Beauty Subscription box: “Abiby”

Reading Box

Beauty, however, is not everything and we also have to take care of our soul. Our journey among Subscription boxes continues in a sector that is still untapped, namely culture and books.

Reading in Heels is a monthly subscription service designed for women, which allows members to discover the latest in contemporary fiction, along with a selection of independent and luxury brand products. Subscribers receive a fancy box containing a brand new book, along with some extra treats to enjoy while reading.

The box is a lid and bottom – this is also one of the models you can find in the Packly library – and has a “stylish” graphic design that resonates with the target audience. An extremely elegant line, the sole logo on the background of a texture reproducing refined marble. All readers have to do is open it and enjoy an experience of well-being for the body and the mind.

Books Subscription Box: Reading in Heels
Books Subscription Box: “Reading in Heels”

Food Box

Our next stop takes us to My Cooking Box, one of the made in Italy Subscription Boxes, launched by Chiara Rota. The aim is to give subscribers the opportunity to reproduce traditional Italian recipes without waste, because the ingredients are already dosed. My Cooking Boxes are also a way to allow foreign tourists to bring back the taste of Italian cuisine and conveniently reproduce it through a step by step approach.

What does the packaging look like? A home-shaped box, chosen because it embodies two concepts: simplicity and practicality. The objective of this packaging is to convey the message that you can cook like a chef from the comfort of your own kitchen. Just choose the recipe, put on the apron and start cooking!

Food Subscription box: My Cooking Box
Food Subscription box: “My Cooking Box”

Subscription boxes and celebrities

The Subscription box arena has also swept Hollywood off its feet and dozens of celebrities have launched their subscription box line. As of today, anyone can wear, try, taste everything the most admired women in the world love and prefer. There is a little bit of everything, not only beauty but also fashion, cooking, household products and accessories.

1. Box of Style

For the inveterate fashionistas, don’t miss the Luxury Box curated by Rachel Zoe, an icon of fashion design dressing the most famous Hollywood celebrities. Her Box of Style contains a selection of accessories from the most glamorous brands.

Fashion Subscription box: Box of Style
Fashion Subscription box: “Box of Style”

2. The Honest Box

Hollywood is not just fashion, some stars have decided to help families in their daily purchasing decisions. This is the case with Jessica Alba, the famous Hollywood actress playing the role of the Invisible Woman in the Fantastic 4. She created the Honest Box. The purpose is to offer daily use products that are respectful of the body and the environment, thus promoting ethical consumption.

Daily use products Subscription box: The Honest Box
Daily use products Subscription box: “The Honest Box”

3. Martha & Marley Spoon

We could not miss a food box and who better than Martha Stewart can guide us in the fabulous world of cooking? There is a little bit for everyone: health-conscious, vegetarian, vegan, fast food lovers. In short, all you have to do is choose the recipes and order the box containing all the portioned ingredients and the instructions to create a Martha Stewart approved dish!

Food Subscription Box: Martha Stewart
Food Subscription Box: “Martha Stewart”

4. Jojo Siwa Box 

The business of Suscription boxes knows no age and even a mini celebrity teen idol launched hers. Jojo Siwa is an actress and dancer who was a big hit on the web and then conquered the small screen. Her 15 million followers are certainly a more than appealing audience and obviously her box has become a must have.

By subscribing, you can choose to receive a box containing a limited selection of Jojo Siwa branded accessories and clothing every three or four months. These products are created exclusively for the Jojo Siwa Box and are not available elsewhere, neither in stores nor online.

Teen fashion Subscription box: Jojo Siwa Box
Teen fashion Subscription box: “Jojo Siwa Box”


Our journey through the world of Subscription boxes is over. Now all you have to do is choose your box and experience the thrill of receiving the new products you love at home every month. After all there is no need for an anniversary to get a gift!

If you have an idea and you want to create a fantastic Subscription box, visit Packly and discover all available models, pick one and start creating a prototype. Maybe the next Subscription box we will feature here will be yours!