Christmas is knocking at your door and you can see Xmas packaging everywhere on the shelves. Any product or gift seems to be even more beautiful and special if packed in attractive and festive boxes realised just for the occasion. Don’t you think?

Today, we propose you 15 brilliant Christmas packaging examples. In addition to the usual packaging with typical Christmas forms, images and symbols, perhaps green or red (the can’t-miss traditional colours!), we find out on web some great and unconventional solutions that we absolutely have to share with you!

Let’s start from the classical ones. Biscuits and panettone packaging, custom gift boxes characterised by snowflakes, snowmen, reindeers, Xmas trees, snowy landscapes or any specific Christmas symbol. Consumers will always fall in love with these Xmas packaging thanks to their warm and familiar look.




Among the different classical boxes examples, the JZM pineapple cakes packages, well-known thanks to their elegant golden packaging, will not go unnoticed. Is there a better colour associated to the joyful Christmas homes, shops and streets decorations? Designed for the tourists visiting chinese cities, this lovely packaging is a perfect union between the typical chinese product and the unmistakable Christmas style of western tradition.



The delicious Juchheim sweets are packed into nice Xmas packaging conveying a party atmosphere. The designer Madalina Andronic gave life to visual design entirely characterised by typical Christmas colours and motives, as illustrated before: the greatest classic one!




Muse chocolate packages remind to the traditional Christmas graphic style as well…but with a touch of class: typical symbols on polished backgrounds and composition, in line with the company image. Project design by Mo Kalache.


And now let’s have a look at some fancy and brilliant packaging design.





Moove Records Christmas Compilation, a calendar with music notes: one song per day, starting from the 1th to the 31th December. The tracks printed on the CD, referring to the days of the month, are perfectly integrated inside the minimal Christmas tree image printed on this gorgeous festive gadget. If you rotate the CD you can count the days: numbers, realised with a linear and simple sans serif font, will be displayed through the small carved window on the cover.



More carvings with the Xmas packaging for Malibu rum: a simple standard box covered by snowflakes, partly tone-on-tone and partly carved, that discloses the product. Tradition and innovation entirely embrace in this eccentric packaging design project.



Waitrose chocolate sweets are presented and sold inside elegant and graceful boxes. Any package is identified by a letter or a number that have been artfully created by the designer Kate Forrester: their filling texture is composed of Christmas graphic symbols and patterns.



The unconventional solution from the traditional one. The Designers Anonymous creative agency used the Pantone colour “Warm red”, the ultimate Christmas colour, to create these wonderful Xmas wine boxes. The warm and intense red reminds to the bright skin tone of the cheeks after some small wine glasses.



The eco-friendly OneTwoTree start-up launched on market an alternative and sustainable Xmas tree. Completely realised with plywood, this tree belongs with no doubts to the ever-greens…exactly as its package. The multi-purpose packaging, created by the Australian designer Mark Trzopek, has been designed to storage the product after the use: the handle simplifies the transport and the playful axe silhouette printed on the side recalls the nostalgic practice of going out to a forest to cut your own tree during Christmas time.